Excerpt from the blog of friend-and-fellow-dream-chaser, “dreW” (who got on the plane yesterday):

“Every organization, group, or individual from which material of substance is birthed shares one element. It’s a clear and concise purpose. A reason for being. An underlying set of principles that motivate and compel them toward their desired aspirations. My purpose is to travel. It’s that simple. I’ll go anywhere and try anything. I’ve got nothing to lose. Life is too finite to experience one place, one culture, and one people.

The earth is 4.6 billion years old, covers over five hundred million square kilometers, and is home to over six billion individuals that inhabit well over two hundred unique and equally important countries. I want to see it before I pack my bags for the very last time. To have an artistic avenue in which to express myself along the way is the purpose of this Website.

Globaltrancemissions.com will track and document my cross-cultural journey to the yet unpolluted corners of planet earth, capturing the essence, flavor and spirit of life on the road. From urban to rural, metropolitan to cosmopolitan, the middle of nowhere to anywhere in between, each correspondence will be written to give a unique and enlightening view of each respective destination along the way.

I will do everything in my power to eschew fashion and fluff in favor of artistic expression seasoned with personality, passion, perspective and spontaneity. There are some journeys in life that impose contemplation and consideration for the unknown. Often when I start my day I know exactly what it’s going to look like, feel like and sound like before the day has even begun. This project is a lot more fluid and spontaneous than the daily grind of an average day. It could sort of go in a lot of different directions at any one moment and I feel that I’m very open to wherever the ride may take me.

A lot of my decision to hit the road and subject myself to a foreign environment came from an incessant aspiration to become something greater than I already am. I go certain places in life to find what I half-suspect has long been in me already. The outside, my external environment, helps to configure that which is already internal. The outside helps to see the inside better and at a deeper and more meaningful level. Without prolonged exposure to a place and element other than my own, I’m not sure I would ever fully realize the true essence of life. This project isn’t looking for answers. I already have them all. I’m looking for new questions.”

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