a blog-block


If it isn’t obvious, I’ve hit a bit of a blog-block.

So if you’ll allow, I will now casually place all the blame on my Oregon associates, with whom I’ve spent the entire weekend dancing on table tops and chasing waterfalls.

The suspects look a little like this…

…and if spotted, should be knocked on the head with quick comment of the “Quit making her have so much fun in Oregon! How are we ever gonna get her back on the road again and blogging useless babble if you keep this crap up?!” sort.

Ah. It’s late. I hiked 13 miles today and my feet need to be euthanized.

Until my cranial gets crackin’ again, I leave you with a video clip of my adventure under the cascades of Tunnel Falls today….

*Click on image below to view. You’ll need QuickTime.*

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