sol in seoul

*Phone rings*

GroggySol: “Hello?”

Foreign Voice: “Hello. I’m sorry for calling so late. I’m calling from Korea and it’s 4:00pm here. What time is it there?”

ConfusedSol: “1 am”

Foreign Voice: “Again. I’m sorry. I received your complete application and was just calling to offer you a position working as a camp counselor in an English immersion camp starting July 15th.”

DazedSol: “Um. Sure. Cool.”

So when I woke up in the morning, I was a little confused as to the reality of that proposal. But sure enough, today in the mail I received my plane ticket itinerary and a teachers contract. I’m still a bit confused with a few things…maybe due to the fact that half the information packet is in Korean…but I’m pretty dang sure this is gonna happen! Bought my Lonely Planet KOREA guide and am currently on the scout for a “Teaching English as a Second Language” text. Busting my little butt to attain my C-4 working tourist Visa before I leave…. in less than two weeks!

More details as they come!

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