It’s an extremely talented piece but I’ll exhale right now over the chance of finding a spot next to the Family Circus in the Sunday strips (although had I bod like THAT I’m certain I could find work in another kind of strip!).

Thank you Will!

And elsewhere in the European world, in his own blazing pursuit of the unknown, dreW has found a sign befitting our super hero Sol…

On the homefront however, I’m feeling a bit less than “heroic” or “super” as I, in close proximity of my departure date, begin to frazzle at the idea of being responsible for the education of twenty 13-year old Korean kids. As I straddle the quote on the splash page of this site (“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”) and engage in a struggle to strangle that anxiousness, on the side I busy myself with preparations and packing….

Not Pictured: *Tisk-tisk-ing* saleswoman who apparently didn’t find my use of her window prop as amusing as I did.

10 Days ‘Till Take Off….and counting!

*tick, tick, tick*

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