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A: 13 Hours

The question, Bob, is “How many hours does it take to fly from LA to Korea at 550 miles/hour?”

But YEEE-ha! I’m here and from the looks of it, this month is gonna be a wicked ride!

I’m currently lodged up with 20 fellow globe-trottin’, adventure-seekin’, passport-fillin’ travelers and we have some serious adventures ahead….

My camera is loaded and the ports are all there….BUT I CAN’T READ THE KOREAN CHARACTERS/INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD THE DRIVERS OR ACCESS THE STINKIN’ CAMERA! I just wasn’t counting on a Korean interface…but be patient, ’cause if there’s a way, you can bet your Korean Kim Chee I’m gonna find it!

This is just a quick update that I’m alive and thrilled to be so. The camp is getting hooked up with internet access in a few days and the next minute I have after 10pm or before 6am (the ONLY hours I’m NOT working as a camp counselor)…I’ll be on the PC with a more elaborate address.

Until then, please don’t take it personal — because I’m not answering ANYTHING in my inbox *taps her watch* and a quick shout out to any of my boys in Thailand…..I’m rerouting my return through Bankok and you BETTER be ready for me!!!

Um. Yeah. That’s enough exclamation points for one blog.


(..okay…just a couple more couldn’t hurt.)

TAXI’s here! I’m out!

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