churning calc

You know that feeling after spending an all-nighter cramming for a Calc or Chemistry exam…when you’re sitting at your desk in class, reviewing all your notes as quickly as possible and trying to memorize all the formulas and equations that your short term memory can hold during those anxious *and hopefully brief* few minutes between putting your cheat sheet away and receiving the actual exam on your desk?

THAT is how I feel right now in regards to my relationship with this blog. Except for that the Prof. has told us to put our cheat sheets away, delayed the exam until next semester, and asked us all to wait patiently in our seats until then.

Here are a few of my notes that I can remember from my cheat sheet:

Date: Sept. 16th, 2002

Current Location: Sebastopol, California

Boarding At: The LEAPNow Retreat Center (w/serverly limited internet access)

Departing for Fiji: September 19th, 2002

Duration of Trip: 3 Months

Countries Covering: Fiji, Australia & New Zealand

Working As: A “Trip Co-Leader”

Realizing A: Dream

That last note, is really the most important underlying theme of the chapter. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to write out that final long-answer essay today (and I have a feeling a bit of it is still in the research & realization stage). But it will come. Actually, something BIG is coming. I can feel it. But us intuition people are confusing like that. We know it, but we just can’t explain it.

Let’s let it churn a little.

To be continued….

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