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“Bonjour! Je m’appelle Solbeam. Je suisAmericaine. Je ne parle pas francais…mais je peux apprendre! S-il vous plait, puis-je prendre votre photo? Voulex-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?”

“Hello! My name is Solbeam. I’m American. I don’t speak French…but I can learn! Please, may I take your picture? Can I sleep with you, tonight?”

Yea! I’ve just learned my very first five sentences in French! Well…the last one I learned from the song. Not so appropriate maybe…. BUT it does count as 20% of my French vocabulary, so I thought I’d include it. 😉

The “take your picture” part actually IS appropriate. Because in just 10 days, I’ll be starting my new job as an event photographer at a Club Med in the Dominican Republic….


I’ll be working the entire winter season at the club on for sure — what comes next remains to be seen. But, ummmmm…just LOOK at how close Haiti and Puerto Rico are to the DR! All that opportunity to get my Caribbean groove on? Irresistible!!!

*takes a few deep breaths*

Helicopter rides, glacier hikes, snow angels, rainbows, penguins, pancake rocks, cheery trees, mirror lakes and a sheep rampage — now all in the New Zealand Photo Album.

All undeniable proof that New Zealand is the most jaw-dropping beautiful country I’ve ever traveled through.

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