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Where to even start?!

How about with the stat that after 24 hour of flying around the world, I did finally arrive in Punta Cana of the Dominican Republic. As of my arrival on Sunday, I began my 24/7 crash course in the logistics of Cameras & Club Med. The course covers an array of subjects including, but absolutely not limited to; French, Spanish, Club Med GO (staff) lifestyle, and shooting upwards of 400 smiles a day.

And what exactly am I shooting? Portrait sessions, kids shows, trapeze shows, GO shows, cocktail socials, archery, tennis, award ceremonies, Santa sittings, group photos, sailing, kayaking, discos, salsa lessons, backstage, roller-blading, fashion shows, pool aerobics, and private family photo sessions just to start… Essentially I roam the play fields of the Club from morning until late night — flashing my smile and then flashing at the guests’ smiles. It’s a LOT of work. A few small sacrifices in the line of duty: 1. the fat on my thighs from my new “walk-squat-flash, walk-lunge-flash” work-out routine (seeing as most of my subjects average about 3 ft tall) and 2. all the feeling in the tip of my right hand middle finger. Yeah. I have no idea what the numbness is about — but I’ve had no sensitivity in that finger for 7 days and counting now. I’ll keep you updated. (Cause I know how facinating the sensitivity status of my digit is to YOU.)

Okay. I’ve got kids to shoot. (But don’t quote me on that.)

But you can quote this….

While trying to get a tot to smile, one mom promised, “Honey…if you smile at the nice photographer woman…I’ll let you poop in the ocean!”

Flashed me cheek-to-cheek grin.

And wouldn’t you? 😉

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