Has the USA gone COMPLETELY MAD?!?¡!?

Yahoo News: US Drops 1-Ton Bombs on Iraq

“A pair of 2,000-pound satellite-guided bombs were dropped late Tuesday near Baqouba, 30 miles northeast of Baghdad, on “camps suspected to have been used for bomb-making,” said Maj. Gordon Tate, a spokesman for the 4th Infantry Division.

Near the northern city of Kirkuk, fighter-bombers dropped 1,000-pound bombs on “terrorist targets,” he said without elaborating.

It was unclear whether the airstrikes caused any casualties, Tate said.

The military said the bombings were part of Operation Iron Hammer, the new aggressive tactic of initiating attacks against insurgents before they strike.”

Has the government gone Mad to order it?

Has the Media gone Mad to report it as such?

Have the American people gone Mad to let it continue?

The thread of faith I had in my country has broken.

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