Alive and re-vived!

But with not a minute *yet* to update…..

While my fingers rev up to the speed of my thoughts, here’s something I’ve been chewing on our 10-hour drive back from the Himalayas… from Carl Jung-ji:

“…anthropologists have often described what happens to a primitive society when its spiritual values are exposed to the impact of modern civilization. Its people lose the meaning of their lives, their soical oranization disintegrates, and they themselves morally decay. We are now in the same condition. But we have never really understood what we have lost, for our spiritual leaders unfortunately were more interested in protecting their institutions than in understanding the mystery that symbols present. In my opinion, faith does not exclude thought (which is man’s strongest weapon), but unfortunately many believers seem to be so afraid of science (and incidentally of psychology) that they turn a blind eye to the numinous psychic powers that forever control man’s fate. We have stripped all things of their mystery and numinosity; nothing is holy any longer.” – “Man and His Symbols” Carl G. Jung

So, who’d of thought that nine days without a shower could feel SO good?!

(It’s gonna take me a week or two to get back to emails — but a quick note of thanks to all those cheering me on with my re-newed vows of pursuit of this life path! Your support means more to me than you could know. Really.)

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