a minute apocalypse and creation myth – by sol

One day the Divine Spirit grew tired. It only happens once in every few million years and today was that day.

So by means of a small earth tremor, the Diving Spirit snapped its fingers and the inhabitants of the world woke up.

Birds stopped singing. Mothers stopped nursing. Poets stopped composing. Brothers stopped competing. Fishermen stopped fishing. Children stopped playing. Dancers stopped dancing. Doctors stopped saving. Bakers stopped baking. Dogs stopped barking. Politicians stopped lying. Babies stopped crying. Countries stopped fighting.

Everything stopped. And everyone turned their attention to the Divine Spirit.

“Ah, hem” the Divine Spirit coughed, (as it had been millions of years since it had last used this voice). “Yes. Thank you for your attention, for it has come to mine that you are all asking and complaining of the same matters. So today I would like to give you the opportunity to ask me any questions of your heart to which I will give you the most clear and concise answers.”

All the beings on Earth looked around at each other and then one brave young man stepped forward and asked, “Okay. Well. What is Love?”

The Divine Spirit, in one clear and concise sentence, defined Love.

And all the beings nodded their heads in affirmative and final understanding of Love.

Then an elderly woman raised her hand and questioned, “And so then what is the purpose of Life?”

The Divine Spirit explained in the most simple and eloquent terms, the purpose of Life.

An excited chatter rippled over the audience, as all beings finally comprehended this very intuitive understanding of the purpose of Life.

Just as quickly as the excitement had passed through the crowd, a silence now fell over it.

Knowing she spoke for all, a young girl stepped forward and asked, “Divine Spirit…,” she hesitated and then continued, “Divine Spirit. What now?”

The Divine Spirit shrugged its shoulders by shaking the mountains, smiled by flaring the sun, and said, “Why you are the Creator, so that is up to you.”

The young girl turned around to face the crowd, but she quickly realized no conversation was needed. With unsaid universal agreement, all the beings on Earth urged her to continue to communicate their unified will.

The young girl spoke, “Divine Spirit. You have told us what Love is and have explained to us the purpose of Life, and they were wise answers indeed. But we would like to learn those answers for ourselves, through our own direct experience of personalized mysteries. Is that possible?”

The Divine Spirit, in a soft uplifting breeze, nodded yes and said, “That IS possible. It will involve pain. It will involve challenge. It will involve death. And it will certainly involve struggle. But if you agree to these terms, I will give – to each of you — an opportunity to learn the meanings of Love and Life through entirely unique and creative experiences.”

The young girl turned to the crowd and they nodded in eager agreement. She turned back to the Divine Spirit and said excitedly, “Yes. We accept those terms.”

The Divine Spirit continued, “And of course, in order for the Great Mystery of Life to be so, you must also forget this conversation and agreement. Is this also okay with you?”

“Yes, yes! We obviously agree to that!” the people excitedly jeered.

And the Divine Spirit sighed with renewed inspiration and again shook the Earth with a simple snap of its fingers.

And the birds started singing. And mothers started nursing. Poets started composing. Brothers started competing. Fishermen started fishing. Children started playing. Dancers started dancing. Doctors started saving. Bakers started baking. Dogs started barking. Politicians started lying. Babies started crying. Countries started fighting. And everything continued…at least for another few million years.

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