Alive & Kicking…peacefully. Yo.

Okay. Quick update, ´cause the theme of my inbox subject lines is definitely revolving around the status of my general existence…

Here’s the deal. At this moment, I sit in an internet cafe in San Sebastian, a wicked little coastal town just near the border of France dipping a chocolate croissant into a particularly fine cup o´cafe.

The last two weeks have been nothing less than an all-out binge on beach parties, singing, dancing, drinking, loving, laughing, surfing, juggling, bongo-playing, hugging, kissing, crying, tanning, intimate conversing, and friendship-making. I think I´m catching sunrises at the rate of about 4 outta 5. The whole experience is entirely too surreal to explain. Just let it be known that Sol has only just begun to recover from a toss in the hay with life. And she is one happy little cat.

My lessons learned on the themes of friendship, giving and love will one day be documented here…but alas I haven’t the time to print to post at this moment.

BUT if you’re eager for inspiration, grab Ralph Waldo Emerson´s “Self Reliance” and sit on a rock over the sea with me. I’m on page 48. And Ralph is so quickly making his way up to the digits of the first hand of my five-favorite-author-list (Richard Bach, Paulo Coelho, Kahil Gilbran, Tom Robbins & The Dalai Lama currently holding the thumb-thru-pinky places.)

ANYWAY. As you may already know, my 8th (is that where I’m at?) digicam is currently seeing 90/20. And despite my liquid-confidence-boosted (a.k.a. “alcohol-induced”) attempt at taking apart the silly thing and fixing it…IS still (can you believe it?!) SO in need of *professional* corrective eye surgery that it is broken as far as my needs are concerned.

BUT God bless that little angel that gave birth to me, because at this very moment, there is ANOTHER digital camera patiently awaiting my retrieval at the Customs office in Madrid. VERY patiently. I might even say…TOO patiently. For for all the beautiful and glorious things that Spain IS, what it certainly is NOT, is efficient.

The Customs office hours — closing at three each day for a 20 hour siesta, and having been vacated for yet another one of the 52 four-day “holidays” that Spain claims — has made it just slightly less than pull-my-hair-out-screaming-and-ranting difficult to actually claim the silly package. But the little Buddha in me will have nothing to do with all that “aggravation” stuff. He chants silently to my heart…”Yo. Be at peace.” (Cause my little inner Buddha for some reason has a Brooklyn accent.) And thus I am; At peace….and STILL patiently awaiting the package that holds the keys to my 500 mile Camino; my digicam, my hiking boots and my waterproof pants.

And here I am. The chocolate croissant is dunked and done and I’ve got an impressive errand list including such items as “find a pair of underwear that won’t ride for 500 miles”, “review last two years of Spanish vocabulary”, “email everyone I’ve ever known, express to them my love, and tell them what mile of the Camino I’m devoting to them” and “hit the cliffs and give thanks for this blessed being…yo.” (Cause that would be my Brooklyn Buddha speaking. Of course.)

Okay. I’ve got a little free time on my hands while I pull my act together and patiently (and peacefully) await my package/ticket to walk.

So I sign off for today, but I’ll be back pre-pilgrimage….

To be continued….

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