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A few new photos in the Guatemala Album.


My friends, I am (so!) happy to report that the fever has finally left the house. And although my body is a bit bruised from the burn, my spirit has been scorched with a wonderful (if not wicked) reminder of the highly underappreciated peace of a painless existence.

While I re-gather my words and wit and begin to piece them all back to a semblance of what the place looked like before Storm Sickness hit, I’ve got something new and fun to dig around in:

It’s my new travel journal on WorldNomads!

Okay, so a sharp eye might recognize that, indeed, it’s actually all the same old stories that you have seen, at one time or another, grace the face of BUT — *god bless* those fine folks at WorldNomads — they dug through my archive dumpster, pulled out what they found worthy of recycle and reuse, and then pieced it all together for a proper, organized and presentable showcase of stories.


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