Bottlin’ the Sweet Stuff

(I’m back in Spain…stuck in Santiago, which means I must have missed a clue/omen last time I was here and better make my way round town tonight to find it.)

So the quick update is that August is the MOST terrible month to travel in S. Europe. It’s too hot to do anything but melt. Everything is shut because Europe takes the month off (“Europe: Bravo! States: Follow Suit!”). The sand-scape is beach-umbrella bumper-to-bumper (see pic above). The trains and busses all need two-day in advance reservations (or you get stuck…in places like, say, SANTIAGO) And not only is there no vacancy at any of the hostels or camping sites, but even when you do manage to get in, high-season rates are enough to shock the panties off any petty pilgrim.

Sound like I’m bitching? I’m not. All this is true…but the fact is, I’m on my way back to San Saby to drown myself in a week long street festival! I’ve got beach-bumming, salsa-dancing and tapa-gorging all on the list. Have to keep my mind and heart distracted, because it seems they can do NOTHING otherwise, but dwell on the details of my homecoming.

OH yes! You heard right! Me, and my outrageous pilgrims tan are due to make an appearance in (one of) my best friend’s weddings in Portland, Oregon NEXT WEEK! Best friends, and parents, and siblings, and nieces and nephews, and Oregon beach trips, and fishing with dad, and a laptop to finally write out that story (of epic influence in the life of Sol) called, “The Living Camino” ALL eagerly await me. And I, with reciprocal anticipation!

*closes eyes* Ummmm. Anticipation :). Is there any nectar so sweet? Or thirst thereof so unquenchable? Indeed, “home” for a few weeks will be the most refreshing glass of the sweet stuff before heading back to Guatemala. (Like how I just slipped that in? he.he.)

Oh it’s hard to keep my mind contained to this pretty little moment called, “now.” But I will. With great restraint. For San Saby awaits my love (as well as a 12-hour bus ride sucking on that previously mentioned nomad-nectar).

Okay. Got a moment to live in. Ciao for now…

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