Bring on the mango with chili and lime!

Quote from the sol archives when I left Guatemala in January of 2002;

“And what exactly am I leaving? Best friends that I’ll probably, truthfully, never see again, intimacy with places and people that I have watched constantly change…and know will go on changing after I leave; tastes of foods that I can’t find in any restaurant or kitchen outside of Guatemala; sounds and smells that just don’t exist in the United States; the faces of the dozens of small children who continue their struggle in the city dump whilst I am warm, clean, fed and snug at home. I am leaving memories that really only exist in THIS Guatemalan reality. And this reality is SO very different from anything I have ever known. So how should I expect anyone to understand when they have not experienced it? How can I explain the smell of a tortillera? Or the taste of unripe mango with salt, lime & chili? Or describe the high in getting lost in the dips, turns and spins of salsa? Or describe the pain in my heart in response to the expression of my favorite child in the project when I told him that I was leaving…and didn’t know if I’d ever be back?”

Quote from today;

“Well unripe mango, tortilleras, salsa spins and pig piles under street kids…HERE I COME *back*!”

For we all know what a posted map means. 🙂

By the way, here’s a link to some of the old Central America Trip Tales if you missed them the first time.

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And now, I’m just jumpin’ out of my pants excited to make & take some more! And the plan looks a little like this…

LEAPnow Central America (CAM) Fall Semester 2003 Itinerary

Sept. 25: Depart for Guatemala and Antigua

Sept. 28: Fly to Flores

Sept. 29 – Oct. 3: Week #1 classes in Eco-Escuela

Oct. 4-5: Weekend Excursions to Tikal

Oct. 6-10: Week #2 classes in Eco-Escuela

Oct. 11-13: Finca Ixobel

Oct. 14-15: Travel to Xela (a.k.a. Quetzaltenango) and western Guatemala

Oct. 16-18: Quetzaltrekkers hike to lake Atitlan

Oct. 20-25: Build House with Habitat for Humanity in San Juan La Laguna

Oct. 26: Travel to San Marcos La Laguna

Oct. 27- Nov. 8: Classes at Las Piramides

Nov. 9: Visit Chichicastenango market and travel to Xela

Nov. 10-14: Week #1 classes/Volunteer work at Casa Xelaju

Nov. 15-16: Weekend excursion to Aguas Calientes

Nov. 17-21: Week #2 classes/Volunteer work at Casa Xelaju

Nov. 23: Fly to San Jose, Costa Rica

Nov. 25 – Dec. 3: ANAI work with sea turtles on Nicoya peninsula (Pacific coast)

Dec. 4-8: Monteverde National Forest

Dec. 10: Fly to Roatan, Honduras for Scubadiving

Dec. 16: Fly back to United States

(I’m one of the trip leaders, which is a 24/7/12 job, but as I did last fall for the S. Pacific Semester, I’m sure I’ll find time to blog updates!)

Okay. My plane to SF leaves in a few hours. I’ve got a bag to pack!



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