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all saints

The bus ungracefully bumbles its way along a long unpaved road. Its full load of passengers jiggles and jostle more to the tune of the bumps on the gravel path than that of the reggaeton…

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de nuevo

Nope. You did not accidentally click on the archives of September of 2003 or March of 2002. By the time you read this, I will be on a plane back to the country that has…

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We´re all wipin´ the sweat from our brows over here… > Ex-Dictator Rios Montt Loses in Guatemala Vote

Tonight in Guatemala

….after 80% of the country put in its vote, my host family huddles around the television and awaits the result… My fingers and mind cross at the idea that there actually exists a chance that…

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I´m completely overwhelmed with the Antigua relapse. The sights, smells and sounds send me and a thousand happy memories spinning. And look what else is spinning…. For of course, the FIRST thing (as anyone would…

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