charm of the divine plan

(I’m currently in Bangkok, Thailand, meeting my new Dragon leader team, preparing our course curriculum and planning A, B, and C itineraries in consideration of recent developments in Nepal. We’ll meet our students and land in Calcutta in a few days. I’m loaded with prep-work right now, but thought I’d drop a link to my Thailand photo album from 2002 and post an entry from my India journal of 2004.)


Journal Entry
February 2004
Varanasi, India

“A kilo of oranges! Why did I ever buy so many?”

I’m wondering this as the bag tears and I struggle to juggle them all. One orange escapes from the tattered bag and I quickly reach out and catch it. As I do so, another hand slowly reaches out from a dark corner along the wall. I look from my hand to the other, make the connection, approach the wall and drop the orange into the outstretched hand. More arms emerge from tattered robes and so I make my way down the line, dropping an orange into each hand with a greeting of respect.

When I reach the end of the wall my bundle is manageable and I am left with exactly the amount of oranges I initially wanted.

I look up to the night sky, smile, wink back at the stars and wonder, “Why do I ever bother asking why?”

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