de nuevo

Nope. You did not accidentally click on the archives of September of 2003 or March of 2002. By the time you read this, I will be on a plane back to the country that has hosted more of my adventures than any other; Guatemala.

And speaking of Central American adventures, here are a few while I get going on making the new:

I Have Lice: A ramble on my experiences volunteering with the squatter community of the Guatemala city dump.

The School of Life: When and where my real education began.

Defining Utila : A dictionary of island lingo for aspiring Divemasters of the Bay Islands.

Adventure Incognito: The divine synchronicity of “misfortune.”

How the Chicken Bus Crossed the Road: An experiential answer to the age-old chicken question; “Why do they call them chicken busses?”

And The Road Goes Ever On and On: An essay on returning “home.”

Stick Men with Guns: Confession of an armed robbery victim.

And on the theme of thievery, since I do have such a stellar robbery resume for Guatemala (three times already) I am especially low with my bow of gratitude to World Nomads for continuing to sponsor my travels with their excellent travel insurance packages (made exactly with the long-term backpacker in mind). I’m now carrying a laptop, digital camera and Ipod (all items which their policies specifically insure) and the relief I feel for having these tools (essential to my quest) covered is really without price. So thank, thank you, thank you World Nomads!


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