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You don’t have to worry. My mother promptly reminds me each time my blog goes without attention for any longer than a week. This time she also waved around childhood horror stories and threatened to “go into your webcam chat room with them if you don’t update soon!” Perhaps I should remind her that I haven’t had a webcam chat room for over four years?

(I love you mom.)

So I have lots of fingers to point the blame of my bloglessness on, but I’ll opt for my two pointer fingers and throw one at this girl…

Yes. You’ve seen her before. She made her first appearance in my Spain photo album and then popped in and out of my Portugal and Camino de Santiago albums. And although she isn’t in MY Dominican Republic album, she did make her own DR portfolio as I managed to bridge her into my place as the photographer in Club Med. But then Hurricane Jeanne blew the roof (literally) off her adventures and one frantic “what do I do?!” email later and…


Dorthy’s been swept off her feet and in the bed next to mine she now sleeps.

As for the second pointer finger…

Well it’s been too busy with the “J” key to even look up and deflect responsibility. For both hands have actually been securely locked in solitary keyboard confinement all week. But in the name of “secret higher level objectives” (namely, securing exciting blogging futures) the duty of the daily has fallen in priority.

(For those wondering, I´ve found the majority of my foreign job and volunteer placements on and

You see, contrary to the confident continuity that this site seems to stream — I usually have absolutely no idea of where I’m going until about two weeks before I’m there. And, well, that’s just about where I’m at; Smack in the middle of a master plan that’s all scrolled up in the Universe’s hands.

In the meantime, fingers are making final kicks at WPM finish lines as resumes, recommendations and references are flying cross countries and continents. Behind which I’ll be following, I wouldn’t dare guess. It’s not for me to know my future, but only to take delight in it as it unwraps itself to the present.

And speaking of the gift of Now, I would like to take this pause in the ramble to offer two of my best book recommendations:

The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

The mystery to me is that this book is a best seller and yet despite the “millions of copies sold” we remained consumed by concepts of time. Regardless, IF adhered, it is FULL if insightful advises.

And if you ever had the sneaking suspicion that the history books and media aren’t “quite” telling you the whole truth, then I give my absolute HIGHEST recommendation to this book:

A People´s History of the United States: 1492 – Present

by Howard Zinn

I yelled. I slammed fists. I sighed. And I certainly cried. If you are American, you should read this book. It’s on my top 10.

Oh look! My finger has taken a breather from banging itself on the more popular consonants to point at one more reason for being unbothered to blog…

The opening of the new Planet Drum Photogallery!

(If you’ve been with me for a few years, you’re beginning to see a pattern aren’t you?)

And while we’re there, there are a few dozen new photos in my own Ecuador album.

Now. I’ve got bags to pack and unknown adventures to open…

But as always, I’ll be back.

And next week, with a map. 😉

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