goats in sweater vests

I’m currently on a short vacation from India and on my last day in Banaras I asked myself, “Will anything really have changed between now and the two weeks before I return?” And my panicked answer was, “goats in sweater-vests!”

For along with the winter months, the small beasts of Banaras come out of a mysterious closet in full cold-weather gear.

I found only a few minutes of time to run to the ghats (stair sets lining the banks of the river, Ganga-ji) to shoot goats. While I did not happen, specifically, upon sweater vests on this outing, I did find a few in collared shirts, sweaters and dresses. Still, the goats turned out to be some of the most stubborn and unphotogenic models I’ve yet found in India. Nevertheless, the few shots will suffice to buy myself a tiny bit of more time betweens posts of the usual prose…




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