High on the Fumes of Fresh Paint

Whoo hoo!

After a disappointing visit to the Tourist office; “Blue arrows? Noa. No blue arrows here. Sorry.” I did a bit of wandering around…

And guess what I found?! One blue arrow…and then another…and then another…and then another! Having no idea, nor any care, in which direction or on what Camino Portuguese they were leading me, I flew fast on the fumes of the fresh blue.

And it wasn’t until four hours deep into my trek that I finally ducked into a bar and found where I was on a map. Seems I’m taking the Southern Direct route. But I could care less.

Yesterday I climbed over mountains and under bridges, took a few skivvy dips in rivers, bathed under a small waterfall, slept in the warehouse of a bar where the owner made me the most delicious green been soup from the garden. The bars all give me free water, treats, lessons in Portuguese (which is coming to me quick!) and kisses of good luck to send me on my way. And Portugal is absolutely stunning!!! Best kept secret of Europe.

Odd though…sometimes I still get lost…and everytime I ask someone they say, “Noa. No blue arrows here. Only yellow.” I’m beginning to wonder if they aren’t also only a part of my little dream world?

(Finally got someone to take a picture of the happy pilgrim in Portugal…)

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