High Winds in the Dominican Republic

In regards to the last post, my name was cleared (thank you integrity), friendships rekindled and kisses made up.

But since then I think I’ve realized that the incident was only the last breeze of the “winds of change” picking up speed on my life. It’s not so much uncomfortable, as it is “restless.” I’ve attained the lessons (and cash) that I set out to the Dominican to gain. And now, prematurely *logistically anyway*, I’m feeling that my time here is done…and perhaps more importantly, that something “out there” is calling me towards it.

Not a new call at all. In fact, it’s a familiar and welcome call that has pulled my life into 90 degree turns towards fantastic adventures, dozens of times. It’s a call I love and trust.

I was vague as to the direction of the call.

When the winds start blowing, I have a process (as ironic as that may be). I open myself up to all the smaller omens. I listen more carefully to advice. I look more carefully into my dreams. I read more recklessly. And more formally, I throw out my resume to any odd or peculiar idea out there. As well as send out emails to all my past friends, contacts, employers, etc — notifying them that I’m on the loose and seeking the adventure that’s seeking me.

And all that done, there I was. Amidst a jungle of options and adventures — and still not quite sure which direction to go. I felt the PUSH very strongly. But the “pull” I was still unclear of. Of course, any direction I chose will be “right.” There’s no screwing up this formula as I’ve already learned. My adventures will never be lost, only changed.

And I’m not sure how it quite came to me. Except for that it’s been with me for as long as I can remember. (And perhaps before I can remember.) I’m talking about Spain — and its relentless and restless call to my soul.

It’s a call I put on hold when I got off the train in Barcelona in 1999. I remember the way the chills ran down my back and arms that day when I calmly and certainly declared to myself, “I will be back.”

And those chills are back. Because 10 minutes ago, I purchased my ticket to Madrid.

Departing March 18th.

Returning August 17th.

*Swept with the wind.*

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