I´ve bought a house!

Ever thought you´d see these words in type in this blog?

But it´s true. I´ve bought myself a home.

And although it lacks glass, it has a wall-wide window that opens to a new steps-to-the-sand ocean vista every single day. And although it hasn´t a kitchen, my fireplace warms my soup and soul much quicker than gas. And the roof may not be made of wood…but from my bed I can see the stars and the moon makes a dandy of a nightlight on my way to the toilet. And the door may close with a zipper, but my house weights only 2 k and slips into the side strap of my rucksack.

And I´m having a house warming party this weekend to celebrate with my fellow caminantes the fact that we have successfully traversed 580 miles of Spain by *blister-free* foot and have finally arrived at the “End of the Land” or the “fin de tierra”; Finnesterre.

All are invited. My yard has no fence and the neighbors never complain about the bongos, dancing or laughing….

(Did I mention that my house cost me only 32 Euros?)

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