off spring sprung

*Did you just get goosebumps? Because I did!*

So my mother would like to clarify for the “blog-record” that she is NOT “fine” (as I had previously assumed and posted) with my going to Colombia, but, in her own words…

“Colombia does give me pause. I just am not shocked that you’re going. No, I do NOT want you to go there. I want you to come home and do good stuff around here. “Have fun” is short for, “we know you’re going to go where you’re gong to go regardless of what we say, so you might as well have a good time; Bring home some good stories and stay healthy and alive. We love you and we’re living vicariously through you. And don’t let anyone think you’re worth kidnapping for any money.”

I’m a nightmare of an offspring. And in the unlikely case that I actually live long/full enough, my parents will take great joy in the curse that will in turn be passed down to those that spring off me; For the one advise I will never be able to dish or defend is, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

So yes! To Colombia, for an undefined and frosted slice of delicious time!

And deserving credit for the documentation of this upcoming adventure in “Locoland” goes to two very important supporters of this site.

First, as you can see by the new link (coming) on the right side of this page, has reached across both continents and cyberland to eagerly and appreciatively shake the hand of Australian based,

WorldNomads has so graciously offered to indefinitely sponsor my spiritually-fueled and passionate pursuit of truth and inspiration in this world as it takes me physically around the globe.

And seeing as I have unlimited funds of passion, but a severely dwindling cash account, I, with joy, accept this partnership. AND they have even extended an offer to insure my laptop (the most prized and valuable material possession I’ve ever invested in) and digital camera. In consideration of the theft risk that IS present in Colombia, I had previously planned on leaving both in a safe in Quito. But thanks to the extended hand of WorldNomads, the live visual and verbal documentation of my adventures in Colombia will proceed!

(And if you are planning a trip, I can also, with perfect integrity, send you there with my personal recommendation. Their travel insurance rates are slashed to half of those that I’ve paid for in the past and their services, as well, are adapted, not to the touring retiree, but to the web savvy and long-term backpacker.)

And an additional heartfelt thanks goes to this girl…

Who, upon the sad and sudden death of mine, sacrificed and sent to me her own personal digital camera in order to help this penniless pilgrim continue to visually document the pursuit of her path.

The entire Colombia Photo Album will be in due and direct thanks to this wonderful woman.

Thank you Shal.

So I’ve got a few bus rides to catch (and hopefully less stops to sleep through). And if you care to read along with me, my backpack book of choice is the following:

Colombia: The Genocidal Democracy – Javier Giraldo and Noam Chomsky

(About the Book: “Behind the media’s focus on Colombia’s drug war is an unmentioned horror story: the Dirty War that has given Colombia the worst human rights record in the hemisphere. With icy precision and passionate prose, Father Giraldo and Noam Chomsky reveal the deadly landscape of what Eduardo Galeano termed the “Democratatorship”: how the United States helped Colombia carry out unrelenting human rights travesties; how the paramilitary system functions to shield the military from connection to death squad activities; and what Americans can do to change a situation funded with our tax dollars.”)

The book is actually still in transit from the States to Colombia via a very good friend of mine who’ll be meeting me in Cartagena in a few weeks. When I asked him to bring the book for me his response was…

“Are you trying to get me arrested? I can just see the immigration officials finding that beauty of a book title in my bag. Any other requests? “Idiot’s Guide to Overthrowing South American Governments?” Maybe I’ll put a Snoopy book cover on it or something…”

*Are you laughing? Because I am.*


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