Palabras Nuevas

Ah. Nothing like some new words to add to my memorized mental dictionary! Want to hear some of the latest additions? How about; conjuntivitis, fainting, vomiting, dog bite, rabies, strep throat, fever, infection, injections and antibiotics? And I did not get these words leafing through the Lonely Planet “Medical Issues” section. I learned them straight from the doctor´s mouth! In the 3rd world, a semester full of students is a semester full of sickness! Yea ha! It´s all part of the fun of Course. After all, your term in Central America wouldn’t be complete without at least one tale of parasite or dog bite.

As for me, I´m a bottle of purified water compared to these guys. Guess I´ve already put in my time with the nasties seeing as I already have Amoebas, Ghiaradia, Staff infections and monkey bites on my dance card. Anyway… playing “mom” has left me with not a minute to think for myself, let alone write. But the experience is rich, and the soils of stories are being fertilized. While the sun takes to the seeds, the pics will have to suffice.

Meet my new homestay “mom” Martha…

> St. Andres, Peten Guatemala Pics

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