positive footprints

Well friends.

It’s 4am and I’m in my sleeping bag sprawled on the carpet of a bedroom empty of everything but a packed bag.

In a few hours, I’ll commence a day of flying that will eventually land me in Cuzco, Peru. Interestingly, my first adventure abroad, eight years ago, also landed me in Cuzco Peru – so along with distance, I’m excited for the life loops I’ll be travelling.

My dear friends at WorldNomads are sponsoring my participation in their “Positive Footprints” program.

I’ll start off by letting you check it out and add all the pretty adjectives later as I document the entire adventure; pictures, lots of words, and even film, will all be in the making. In the meantime, feel free to check out:
– an exciting list of other community service projects currently building funding within WorldNomad’s Positive Footprints program

– impressive outlines of the projects already funded and completed within the program

– a short description of the Peru project to, “Provide Water to Qelqanqa Village,” in which I’ll be participating

– and also the following video documenting the completion of a Positive Footprints project in Nepal…

12 people, 3 days and 1 school. The story of a community project trek deep into the Himalaya to help restore a school.


Okay. I’ve got a plane to catch!


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