seeking a mindful minute

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I’m remembering,
The unwritten life is fast food eaten standing up.
A mindless conveyor motion of bits to mouth.
Yet the primary ingredient of memory, I’m certain, is reflection.
And the unwritten is the unreflected.
Buddhist hungry ghosts lounge with bulging empty bellies on ever-encroaching peripheries.
I’m certain a life can be so consumed.
And in the tangle of the intestines of domesticity,
Who can not fault?
There just isn’t room.
For balance and chaos to live symbiotically.
The table is set for failure.
Yet those elusive quiet moments.
Caught in sighs.
Those fifteen morning minutes,
spent sewing words together.
Those midnight forages for a bedside pen,
Chicken-scratching a dusty dream,
Those tiny pauses of consideration,
Lingering on the end of the fork.
If there’s an opportunity to close my eyes.
And look.
I remind myself.
To take it.

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