So if you’re wonderin’ what the heck I’m DOING in Brisbane right now….during the DAY, it’s THIS:

“THIS” is the war on “lentana” — a non-native plant to Australia that grows like a weed. Primarily because it IS a weed. And it grows. A lot. Consuming all the poor little native plants by suffocating them of air and sun. That is until people like me break it down and rip it out! It’s backbreaking work, especially under the heat and ozone hole that halos Australia. To keep the pace and spirits high we busy ourselves with the creative “re-word-ation” of the 70’s top 40….”L-A-N-T-A-N-A. Better back down ’cause you’re in my way.” And in the end, it feels really excellent to give something nice back to nature.

So when we return home, we do this…..

I think we’re averaging about 2.3 ticks per person. I would go into the gruesome details, but I did that once before on this site (in regards to some ticks I picked up in the jungle in Guatemala) and I actually got emails telling me I’d taken my personal disclosures…. “a little bit to far.” So no more tick talk (kinda like “tick tock”, but not).

And AFTER work we….

Dress up like superheros and hit the locals pubs….

Make out with manequins….

Chill out on Brisbane’s enourmous fake beach….

Make movies and pose for silly shots with my new digicam…. (videos *hopefully!!!* coming)

And get felt up by Koalas.

Yep. Just your normal day down under.

(New pictures can now be found in OZ Photo Album Round 3)

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