sol statistical update (Ecuador)

How long it’s been since I’ve submitted a sol statistical update: too

# of days since arrival in Ecuador: 103

# of days I thought my Ecuadorian visa permitted me to stay: 90

# of days I realized I was permitted after staying 90 days: 30

Status of my residency in Ecuador: illegal

# of hours an illegal visitor can stay in Ecuador before being deported: 24

Requirements for getting an Ecuadorian Immigration officer to extend a visa to an illegal: begging, sad eyes and 40 cents

What I am not beyond: begging, sad eyes and 40 cents

How often I have to take a 9-hour bus ride to Quito to renew my visa: 1/month

Term I used to describe that requirement to the Immigration officer: “re-ridiculoso”

# of minutes he shuffled papers and looked blankly at me before I left: 7

# of minutes it took for me to fall in love with a scrap-rat kitten covered in grease and shivering from cold and hunger at a gas station where my bus broke down last week: 3

# of minutes before I had it wrapped in my blanket and ready to take home: 4

# of times it has jumped on this keyboard in the last three minutes: 22

Secret coded message direct from the paw of my moon rat “luna”: irk,jf2ARE

Why I call her my “moon rat”: see image above

How many trees I’ve planted this week: 45 Ceibo and 75 Fernan Sanche

How many 9-year olds I took on an ecology tour to identify native plant species: 12

How many times my whack-Spanish resulted in the pronunciation of “vaina” (seed pod) as “ballena” (whale): 8

How many confused faces turned to look at the ocean each time I instructed them to inspect the seed pods on a tree: 12

New beach activity I’ve taken up in my spare time: Poi fire dancing

# of bloody noses I’ve since incurred in my (unlit) practice sessions: 1

How ready I am to light the balls: not-so-much

Total of ALL my living expenses for last month: $100 (room in exchange for volunteer work, $10/week for food, $60/month for internet, bus rides, meals out and all other “extras”)

Types of “life debilitating disabilities” overcome by persons of whom I have encountered in the last month in order to follow their traveling dreams: Insulin-dependent Diabetes, Epilepsy and Fibromyalgia.

Of the three, % that are keeping a weblog documenting their journey: 33.33

How inspired I am by these people: jaw-droppingly

Estimated days I have left in Ecuador before my visa expires: 60

Next destination: Colombia

Official response of parents when I cautiously alerted them of this itinerary: “Have fun!”

Reaction of myself in response to un-reaction of parents: disbelief

Status of whether there is anything I can do that will still shock my parents: Questionable

What I’m eating as I type: popcorn covered in nutritional yeast

What Kingdom yeast comes from: it’s an undecided, but ongoing debate at our house

Is this actually what we discuss over dinner: Yes. (I live with vegan ecologists!)

Percent chance the reader cares: 1%

Message to the 1%: We’re leaning towards the Fungi Kingdom

How many digital cameras that have, to date, been either robbed, monsooned, upgraded or mysteriously died on me since I started this adventure: 9 (I think)

Status of number 10: On its way to its doomed (but exciting) existence in Ecuador!

Compliments of: One of my favorite people in the world. (picture coming)

Degree of gratitude I have for her giving spirit: 360

# of reality-shattering, earth-quaking experiences had while sitting on some rocks overlooking the ocean last weekend: 1

Estimated amount of time before I’ll be able to find the words to describe (or know!) what happened: Indefinite

# of neighborhood girls screaming outside my window right now that they want to visit Luna the moon rat: 6

% chance I’ll pawn her off on one of them: 80

Status of fingers: crossed

# of new pictures in the Ecuador Album: 24


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