Strategy Session Notes

I took notes on the strategy session from last night. I was chasing a toddler at the same time, so there are missing bits and you should still WATCH it….(sign up here and they’ll send you the edited version once ready):
Here are my notes:
  • Justice must permeate our work.
  • Justice must permeate our process.
  • All those impacted must be at the table. Build up a multiracial representation.
  • Practice non-violent direct action. Greenpeace does frontline non-violent direct action trainings if you need one.
  • Need to Accelerate our work. Call folks to action.
  • Boycotts to show economic power (boycotting Home Depot for example). Consider who and what to boycott.
  • Create sanctuaries and safe spaces for people to go in your community, schools.
  • Do NOT water down radical truth telling. Don’t stay away from issues that might make people uncomfortable. Stop focusing on low hanging fruit. Radical work is needed. In ourselves. In our communities.
  • Know that every social safety net program will be under assault.
  • Coordinate our movements effectively to get the job done.
  • Don’t move to the center. Don’t become more moderate. More centrist. We need to get outside of the 2-parties. Not going to fight to destroy the Republican party. Not going to fight to support the Democratic party. This is an opportunity to transform politics and policy. Time to do something different.
  • Stop looking at the short term wins. Look for long term idealogical shifts and foundation.
  • Don’t just dream. DO THINGS.
  • Need to do more on the state and local levels. AND at a national level.
  • The Trump years will be worse than the Bush years. It was hard to get anything done those years. But we are better equipped now. And it’s easier to connect.
  • Right now we need to protect our neighbors, brothers and sisters.
  • Movements need to push and protest.
  • We need a real political revolution. Some people are going to need to get out of the way.
  • The possibility of organizational attacks is real. The attacks will come. Be safe. Be prepared to go to everyone’s events.
  • Make sure we are institutionally tight, but still brave.
  • We’re getting sued left and right. How do we protect each other? There’s got to be so much organization from multiple fronts. Ready to step in. How do we move and coordinate in an effective way. Share our best strategies.
  • Need to listen to Trump supporters. Many have been left behind by the global economy. Left behind by politicians. Hear them. Validate them. See their suffering. Ask how we make a just transition without leaving them behind? “I hear you that your economically struggling, but you can’t be racist.” Hold the line.
  • How do we form new partnerships with communities that are likely to be attacked?
  • If you don’t have the answers, it’s okay to say you don’t know.
  • Movement on college campuses, right now, to create safe spaces #sanctuarycampus (boycotts)
  • Replicate in your community what has been done with this call. Get into relationships with each other. Hear voices representing all groups.
  • Leaders are coming together in DC in December. Get involved.
  • There can’t be enough love and support for each other right now.
  • DON’T FALL INTO COMPLACENCY. Especially if you’re privileged. Things have already turned for the worse in some communities. If you’re not seeing those things, know that they are immediate and happening already.
  • Get involved. Take action. There’s nothing that feels better. Community & Resistance.
  • For white people. Want to see you on the front lines. In your communities. NOT after the fact. In front. Not just being care bears. Put something on the line. Everything is at stake.
  • If you don’t join an organization. START one.
  • And get some sleep.
  • You’re needed right now. All of you and every bit of you.
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