So I´ve been offered (didn’t even have to ask!)a job working at this charming little candle-lit “Cafecita” in new town Quito that´ll provide meals, discounted accommodation, a *meager* salary, tips, and all the Spanish I can sputter. AND there are three salsa discoteques within a 3 block radius of the place! Took a salsa lesson too ($5 for a private lesson!) and made some new dance partner friends. I´ve also found a lodge in the Eastern cloud forest that will provide room and board in exchange for helping with reception and maintenance. AND I found a volunteer opportunity helping re-integrate animals that have been captured by poachers (who were then in turn captured by the police). This country is absolutely dripping in opportunities!

Quito is nothing like I expected it to be. It´s just so clean, so pretty, so modern, so easy! Perhaps it´s just the “after-India” effect? I´m not sure. But I´m digging the Ecuadorian estilo. And I have a feeling that I’m going be here for….um….”un rato.”

*And, yes! The Spanglish blogs are back!*

But FIRST things first, I´m in no hurry. In fact, I gotta re-learn how to slow down and find a mas tranquilo groove. So I´m going to the beach — to a little surf villiage called, Montanita. I’m desperately in need of my Pacific sunset fix.

Pues vamos!

(So this is what happens when you surrender your future?)

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