The 17th Day: Two Mammals Swimming in a Toxic World (Published at

Excited (and a bit terrified) to share this deeply personal essay published at the wonderful at today. I know I am not the only one whose heart drowned in the the story of Tahlequah, the #KillerWhale who pushed the body of her dead baby for 17 days in a “tour of grief.” In this essay I look deeper into her story, my own, and the terrifying parallels (for the planet) in between. I hope you’ll read it (and if compelled, re-share, as it’s an excerpt from my book of essays that goes on submission this winter). Gratitude to my lovely mentors BK Loren and Kate Moses for their help shaping the piece, and to Ellie Sawyer for the gorgeous images of my favorite pod of #orcas…except that I desperately love them all equally. ❤️  #tahlequah #salishsea #jpod #southernresidents

The 17th Day Essay

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