Tonight in Guatemala

….after 80% of the country put in its vote, my host family huddles around the television and awaits the result…

My fingers and mind cross at the idea that there actually exists a chance that the same man who carried out the “scorched earth” counterinsurgency campaign 20 years ago, and is essentially the mastermind of an attempted genocide of the indigenous population of Guatemala, is actually running 3rd place in the presidential election — for which we will learn the results tonight.

My house “parents” showed me their blackened thumbs that identify them as having already put in the one vote they are each allowed.

In a race where 30 people have already been murdered in relation to the presidential election (and in connection to the suspiciously un-connectable, Rios Montt) — I wonder whose hands should actually be painted.

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Time to re-join the huddle.

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