The day Trump was elected President = The day I was born into a activist who will FIGHT EVERY SINGLE DAY for respect and inclusivity. I’ll be documenting all my new activism and organizing efforts under the URL and hashtag #uprisingrespect. Please accept the following quote as a placeholder while I take a metaphorical smoke break to figure out the next steps involved in my direct call to the front lines of the war against hate.


“The last American decade has been marked by a steady march toward inclusion, led by our president, our churches, our courts and our communities. If our new president is not going to send that message himself, it is incumbent upon us to send that message far more forcefully ourselves. So I will fight every day to ensure that everyone feels like they belong here.  If the neighbors in my community don’t feel tolerance and respect and inclusivity from their president, I will make sure they feel it from me and from the institutions I support.  I will take my country back in the name of that sacred value that doesn’t come up for a vote: “we hold these truths to be self evident that all are created equal.” – Colorado Senator Mike Johnston


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