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“Madre De Sol”

Note: On Mothers Day, I called a taxi to pick me up at the Ranch and take me to town so that I could post this blog. I waited for an hour outside the door of the only office in the city that had ONE computer with internet access, before a man came by and told me that the boy who runs the office had decided not to come to work that day.*Then, based on his guess and my whack *but getting much better* Spanish, I scouted the town in the pouring down rain for a mythical computer school. BUT as with every flower pot, coupon book and crayon scribble posted on the fridge, MOMS, of all people, know it´s the thought and effort that count.

(Same rule applies for the following silly ryhme.) Aren´t moms lovely?

*clears throat*

Madre de Sol

(An unmetered, unprofessional poem for Mom.)

An easy job,

it certainly was not,

to answer to “mom”,

by the little sol-tot.

Dance classes, piano lessons,

girl scout cookies galore.

basketball, volleyball,

at every game, keeping score.

Crazy eights and yahtzee,

A million games we must have played.

Hour after hour,

her enthusiasm without fade.

Long weekends out camping,

chili burritos under stars,

story telling in tents,

and singing games in the car.

“Big Fish”, “Salty”, and the “Billy Goat Gruff”,

“again mom!, again mom!”

Never getting enough.

The uncanny ability,

to pull the invisible from the fridge,

Bags full of bread,

to feed the ducks by the bridge.

“Fish eggs” in tapioca,

and “sour” mushrooms she´d swear.

Question her honesty,

we never did dare.

Pancakes she made for me,

everyday for three years.

She knew it was a phase,

and never did fear.

Trips to the Dairy Queen,

and other special treats.

As a “cone-cleaner-upper”,

she couldn´t be beat.

Circuses, zoos,

parks, parties and more.

Always a quick answer,

to “Hey mom…I´m bored.”

At the front of the church,

tamborine in her hand,

“The Principal´s Daughter”,

…always proud did I stand.

And today all grown up,

my imagination still runs wild,

because my world was safe, secure…

and beautiful as a child.

And though I may have torn up,

a “dating contract” or two,

with the same rigor and passion,

I now walk the world through.

A happier daughter,

in this world does not exist.

Your roles in the creation,

too numerous to list.

Of beauty and light,

my life today is full.

All endless thanks,

to la madre de Sol.

Happy *belated* Mothers Day Mom.


(I´m back in Antigua and plugged in once again. I´ve got a backlog on both blogs and e-mail responses. Please be patient with me! Thank you Merc for entertaining during my retreat…didn`t know my old site was still live! Had me rolling!)

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