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Welcome to the small green plot of internet where Christina Rivera Cogswell sows word seeds.

This blog was started in 2001. That’s 99 in internet-years. So please don’t judge my early 20’s drivel. I’d make the archives disappear if I could. But the internet is the everlasting gobstopper of sentences. So I’m going to just swallow it and leave you with this disclaimer: it’s best to keep some distance from the older stuff. Rather, to stay on top of the world and literary adventures of Christina Rivera Cogswell, I recommend that you:

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At this point in my writing career, I’m saving most my sentences for print publication, so you won’t find many polished paragraphs around here. The majority of my blog posts feature tips, lists, and anything bullet-point friendly. Here’s a few places to start:

As for the finished stuff (that I at least worked through with an editor) here’s a list of my essays:

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