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Sony Moments

Whew! Finally uploaded the last of my pictures from the weeks traveling in Belize and Eastern Guate. How kind of the ladrone to take my camera, but leave my disks!

Me and “The Red Planet” on the beach at Caye Calker, Belize…(Look at the color of that water!)


The only authority I respect is that which is responsible for these…


The Complete Belize Album

The Complete Tikal Album


And a big fat…

Thank You!

to all of those wonderful people who contributed to the “´m-Sick-Of-Hearing-Her-Yap Fund! Thanks to the combination of your generosity and a *hopeful!* partial pay out on my travelers´ insurance (welcomed surprise!)…there is, at this moment, another digicam, hokey-pokin´ its way down to Guatemala.


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