i claim them all

She has found yet another minute to put her fingers to practice….

And the update is brief…but inspired. For there is nothing like a momentary, but acute grasp on those few paralyzing, but surprisingly conscious moments, that separate a person from one life to the next. What am I talking about? A car accident. Or rather, a “petite” crash with a grand spread of devastating outcomes – all of which were *so gratefully* unrealized. A few thousand dollars worth of damage covered by an invaluable rental car insurance contract. A precious realization of the inestimable price of life.

Today I finished reading “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, and this is the quote that I copied into my journal:

“I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry. I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin.”

Real danger I got. Startling, nerve-wrecking, dollar-depleting, life-appreciating Danger. And I can tell you this; this evening when I sat under my palapa and watched the full moon rise over the ocean, my list of things to love and be grateful for was lengthened by at least a chapter.

And while making that list I realized this…

I was in a car accident. And in that same 24 hours I also: discovered a new city; danced merengue in a cave; went skinny dipping; met and chatted with the Ambassador of the United States for the Dominican Republic; tasted for the first time a tomato-based chocolate soup; had a first kiss; visited the Casa de Colon; and drank two truly fantastic pina coladas on a beach bar with a best friend. And there’s where I found the rhyme and rhythm of my poem.

For I never asked for comfort. And Lady Risk is politely recalling this fact — whispering into my ear, and reminding me to swallow my dose of danger with my glass of God and food of freedom. Such is the price of living life. And I’ve signed on that dotted line.

“I claim them all,” said the savage at last.

Counting all of her beautiful blessings,


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