a new trade

Well look what I found! A place where I can work in exchange for meals, learn a new trade (wood carving of all things!) and speak Spanish everyday.

As noted in prior blog…it is simply the nature of dreams pursued to be realized.

But it is also the nature of dreams to change.

And something pushes me forward. So forward I go.

On to Santiago. On to Finisterre. On to the ocean.

And THEN….I´ve decided to walk backwards along the “Camino de la Costa” back to San Sebastian…a less popular and, for the most part, unmarked path. In fact…I´ve searched the bookstores and internet and have only this map to show for my efforts….

*I´m almost done with that little white line (550 miles) and will be making my way back on that little blue line (5?? miles).*

I see knocking-on-Chruch-doors in my tea leaves.


50 new pictures in The Camino Photo Gallery.

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