Two weeks ago I had a dream…

I was walking down a staircase into a large library or dormitory at a University. Girls everywhere are bustling about their business. I continue walking down the stairs, and then a girl approaches me. She looks similar to me, but has long hair. I look around the room and she says to me seriously, “Stop. You are missing nothing here. Go back.”

Last night I dreamt I was back in the office of CollegeClub in San Diego.

I´m sitting at my desk and I start shifting though all the papers on my desk. I can´t decide which project I should work on, and I pick up each one, look at it and put it back down. “None of this means anything,” I say to myself. I feel someone staring at me and look to my side, and there is a woman sitting at a desk looking at me solemnly. She looks a bit like me…but older. Her lips don´t move, but she says to me, “You are missing nothing here. Go on.”

Today, while walking the camino, I think about these dreams. I wonder if I haven´t encountered my lives as they might exist in parallel worlds…in worlds where I did not make the decisions I have, that have brought me to this moment – now.

And as I continue to walk I wonder….

I wonder if these two women, that I encountered in my dreams, return home from the University and from the office, crawl into bed, and have dreams of enchanted forests, winds that whisper, caves with revolving windows to the world and a winding little path with funny blue arrows.

And I wonder, if upon waking, they feel an emptiness…as if they are perhaps… missing something.

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