How to hatch an inspiration.  

Sit on it, but notice it flaring up every time you go for a walk in the woods.

Note that you hike faster and arrive sooner.

Try to write it down, but find you letters dyslexic in their excitement.

Sum it up in three words and buy the URL.

Do research. Drop vision-seeds on the people you’ll involve.

Wait for blooms.

Think of your commitment to the vision in the past tense.

Till it is.

Buy a flight that you haven’t thought through.

Know that you have 24-hours to cancel without penalty.

Papa, I want to fly.

Let the next 24-hours get busy.   

Assume permission from your partner.

Ignore some realities.

Picture a photo from the yet-unrealized adventure.

Hold it. Turn your head sideways and stare at it.

Note if you are smiling.

Talk about it.

If someone looks through the window and retorts with the things they regret or don’t in life.

Know you’re onto something.

Watch for recurring themes surfacing from the mundane,

Things you never noticed before, now a chorus of encouragement in one direction.

Look for puns.

Subconscious’ hallmark humor.


Let your mind spin out. Fall deeply asleep.

Wake up to the feeling of having engaged in a profound conversation.

Go about your day.

Note if you feel lighter.

Let it knot your stomach like a cup of coffee.

Let it leak from your subconscious like yellow evening sun.

Let it expand till you feel yourself about to lose balance.

And keep sitting.

Till it cracks.


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