Vinaka Vaca Levu!

All I can do is sigh in pure happiness of being right now, this second, in the middle one of the most culturally enlightening and entertaining episodes of my dear travel career.

*sighs in glee*

I have three essays on the brain back-burner and I’m so excited about my new learnings I wake up in the middle of each night and frantically scribble away in a journal that the keyboard is in a jealous rage over! It will all come to the light of the screen soon…if Christmas counts as soon. But I’ve lost all perspective on time. The time is now. And THAT is what I must concentrate on.

Very close to “NOW” is tonight!

And tonight I will sit in this room, with that purple “solu” on, surrounded by a circle of my incredible new Fijian friends…

We will chat and laugh and sing for hours all the while performing the ceremonial rites of drinking Kava. We’ll sit in a circle with our legs crossed all the same, and when the Kava is passed to me, I will greet it with a “bula!”, clap my hands once, take the bowl by one hand, drink the “high tide” root water in one swig, return the bowl and announce my gratitude, “Vinaka vaca le vu”, clap three times and return to my conversation on the meaning of the last song sung, or my training in the Fijian dance of “mecce” or a translation of the Fijian language, or an explanation of Fijian joke.


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