mean people suck

“Mean People Suck”

Two encounters with mean people this week.

First, one of my New Year’s pics got kipped, photo-shopped and circulated ’round the WWW. Click on the image above to view the “solporn”. Someone in the office saw it and said, “Wow! They have digital imagery programs that remove clothes now?”. Compliments to sucky person #1 on a sweet photoshop job. We’re hiring graphic designers if you’re interested. 🙂

Sucky person #2 jacked my car door, pulled the entire lock compartment out and then, still unable to get in, smashed my window to pieces. Okay, you suck…but I can only pity someone stupid enough to break into a car without taking a glance inside to note that there is NO stereo or, for that matter, anything of value besides my bamboo shoot necklace that I got in Costa Rica (thanks for leaving it!). *thinks about it* I’d probably be better off just leaving my doors unlocked in the future, eh?

So cheers to the sucky mean people! *laughs* I actually found the “solporn” quite humorous, and passed it along to all my friends. It’ll be a little hard explaining the capabilities of Photoshop to the padres, but they were due for a shocker anyway. And as the car damage, well that just sucks a little bit because it cuts into my travel savings, but the joke is really on you since you went through all that hard work for nothing. Next time, look inside first, or if it’s my car again…try the handle. 🙂

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