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Anybody out there remember back in March ´01 when I did a short stint working in an internet cafe? Well one of the former-employee-benefits that I just uncovered is free scanning! Yeah! So I´ve uploaded 30 or so new pictures to the following albums: Living Antigua, Honduras — Bay Islands, and The Yucatan, MEXICO

Scanning, by the way, NORMALLY cost me one of the blue-backs pictured below:

The Guatemala Living Costs Menu

(Currently there are 8 Quetzales to a US dollar.)

*pulls chair out for you and hands you the “carta”*

Cerveza (Gallo or Moza) = 9 Q

Single room in a Hostel = 30 Q

Taxi across town = 20 Q

1 Hour of Internet = 12 Q

8 Smokin Hot Tortillas right off the grill = 1Q

“Un Mano” or “One Hand” *ie 5* of Avacados = 10 Q

Happy Meal at McDonalds = 28 Q

Bus Fare to/from Guatemala City/Antigua = 4.5 Q

Tourist Shuttle Fare to/from Guatemala/Antigua = 56 Q

Jar of Peanut Butter = 50 Q

My Salary for One Night at my old Bar = 40 Q

My Salary at the Discoteque I work at now = 75 Q

My tips Last Night = 75 Q

Monthy Earnings of a Street Vendor = 300 Q

Cost of a Hand Made Hammock Chair = 100 Q

Cost of school supplies necessary to send a child to school = 300 Q

(Of the children selling trinkets in the park, 90% can´t cant AFFORD to go. Our project pays these costs.)

Fake Rolex Watch = 60 Q

Street Meal = 10 Q

1.5 Liter Bottled Water = 6 Q

1 Coke = 4 Q

3 Hour Guided Hike up Volcan Pacaya = 45 Q

Month Membership at Local Gym = 150 Q

Cost to take a Picture of a Traditionally Dressed Mayan = 5 Q (or 2 Q per person if in a group)

1 Night in the Hotel that Bill Clinton stayed in = 1000 Q

Admission into the Movies in a Nice Theater = 30 Q

Admission into “the Movies” in a room with a TV = 12 Q

A Used Tom Robbins Novel = 25 Q

A Really Scetchy Hair Cut = 40 Q

A Leather Man Tool Hair Cut = 0 Q

Now you´ll have to excuse me. My shift here in the cafe is over, the sun is ringing me and it´s a rather urgent call that I must attend to…. 🙂 Hasta Pronto!

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