Hey! This is SO cool! I’m in the Portland Airport right now at one of those nifty empy-your-savings internet booths! BUT, as I was trying to figure out the rates, the machine pops at me “Card swiper out of service. Your session is free.”

Say it with me….”YIPEE!”

So why am I at the airport? Because I’m on my way to Australia!!!!

Can you believe it?

Neither can I!

Maybe because I’m….

lying. 🙂

Okay. Really though, I found a last minute ticket to San Francisco for 70 bucks and am on my way to engage in a weekend rampage with four of my best college mates. I’m SOOO excited. And a photogallery documenting the wildness of the weekend will certainly be in the making….

So until next Tuesday, I’m offline and out loose on the SF scene!

Gotta go check in!



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