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Creative Portrait & Event Photographer (Based in the Vail Valley)

I’ve just returned to the States from years of working/living abroad and have now relocated to, and am scouting some additional income in, the Vail Valley.

I worked as a professional portrait and event photographer for a major resort and found the work entertaining. I’ve since carried professional gear across a few major continents (which you’ll see represented in my gallery) and would like to put that expensive camera kit to work locally.

Less than a “job,” I’m looking for creative assignments with people seeking creative perspectives. Less interested in anything staged, it’s my creative mission to capture authentic and candid expressions and exposures. So if you have a special event, person, or idea that you’d like to capture eternally in print, I’d love to discuss it with you.

Ideas like:

– Activity/action shots of a student playing his favorite instrument or her passionate sport.

– Documenting the birth of a child or capturing those priceless and fleeting tummy shots the month before.

– Capturing a wedding’s less-formal and more candid details.

– Catching the interactions & expressions of family at their favorite hobby or activity.

– A newborn on his/her first day of life. (You are the last person that should be holding a camera!)

– Capturing the tenderness of a couple – be they curled up on the couch, holding hands during birth, or hiking in aspens.

– A toddler with his or her favorite stuffed animal, book or best friend.

– A group of best girlfriends, or an interesting composition of extended family or generations.

– Capturing a child in his or her favorite activity or performance – be that sleeping, eating, rolling in mud, or just playing hide and seek:

– Documenting a young actor or actress in performance/costume:

– A creative shot of your priceless pet.

– A new, creative, angle on your work place, co-workers, event or trade.

– Someone to professionally capture candid faces at a family reunion or celebration.

– Someone to hold the camera while you’re busy with your view.

– The creative self portrait you’ve always wanted (and deserve).

– Or just that (fleeting) family portrait that requires you (mom) to get out from behind the camera.

So if you have an idea and are ready to work with me, personally, and on a creative, invested and cooperative level, please email me:

For now, I’m flexible with cost: if you’re happy, you can either purchase prints or, if you’d rather just get a CD full of images (between 50 – 200), I’m currently scheduling 1 hr sessions for a $100 flat fee. That includes black & white copies of all images, some touch up work, and 1-2 CD’s of high resolution photos.

Unfortunately, my print portfolio is currently inaccessible. But to see some additional faces I’ve recently shot, you can visit the following online gallery:


Please email me if you have an idea or event with which you’d like to discuss further. Thank you!

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