thou shal not own a ditigal camera

P-P-P-Picture Time….

Lot to say. Little time.

First of all: My THIRD digital camera was stolen *before I even got my hands on it!*.

I´ve been in *laughter* hysterics about it all day.

*thunder rumbles*

“Shazzam!, bazzoooom!, CRACK!, Kablaaammmm!”


The Digicam Gods Have Spoken.

(And the insurance-dudes´ noses are twitching.)

*shrugs* What can you do but laugh?

Moving on…

And WHERE was I? Let´s see…

*presses fingers against temples and digs back into her living day-dreams”

Ah yes…Campeche Mexico. Ever seen Pirates of Penzance? (It was my FAVORITE movie as a wee-Sol, and I *dusts fingers on chest and blows on them* also happen to know ever word to the entire musical.) ANYWAY, Campeche had a wee-problem with Pirates overtaking their city, stealing all their cool stuff and doing bad things to their women…so they surrounded the town with some spiffy looking fortresses (moats and all!…but no dragons…I looked) and flipped the big yellow bird to the Pirates. Little did then know then that traveling little internet geeks would be posing-pretty on their fortresses near their canons and posting the pictures on the WWW… As seen below:

(But ACK Sol! Watch out for the monster finger about to put you out like a Cuban cigar butt!)

Picture 2: Where the “Sol” in “Solbeam” comes from. *slaps forearm* My OTHER poison.

Oh SHOOT! The Internet cafe just closed on me! Gotta boot sans-spell-check! Forgive me please.

Pictures TO BE CONTINUED (manana)….

*hits the bar downstairs*

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