a question of fun…

*Let’s try this again with a little VISUAL….*

Am I having FUN?!

Well, let¡¯s see. Are polite, creative and sweet students fun?

Is Gin and Tonic in a can fun?

Is watching Korean women in costume doing traditional dances fun?

Is being approached on the street by strangers with offerings of boarding, beer and friendship fun? Are fireworks fun?

Are swimming pools fun? Are dragon flies by the bazillions fun?

Are dance parties fun? Are weekend trips to the 3rd largest city in the world fun? Is soaking naked in a natural hot spring for hours with a view overlooking the town fun? Is watching performances of men standing on razor blades fun?

Is being treated like royalty by your BOSS fun? Is beer in vending machines fun?

Are chopsticks fun? Is communicating to locals with pictionary and charades fun? Are twins fun?

Are soccer, badminton, obstacle courses, dance contests and camp fires fun?

Is ordering from a menu that is ONLY in Korean letters fun?

Is living in a house with twenty other intrepid and adventure seeking young travelers fun? Is learning the Korean World Cup fight song and dance fun? Are playing limbo, face painting and singing Karaoke fun?

Are kids crying because they are so sad to say goodbye to you fun (or at least sweet)? Are squirt gun fights fun? Is figuring out the Korean Subway system fun? Is eating silk worms fun?

Are free tickets across the world fun? Is getting PAID to do everything listed above FUN?

I don’t know. *shrugs* Am I having fun?



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  1. Ervin Berger November 12, 2008 at 4:54 pm


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