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archive diving

A few new photos in the Guatemala Album. ******** My friends, I am (so!) happy to report that the fever has finally left the house. And although my body is a bit bruised from the…

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sunset’s rest

Sorry if I’ve been quiet. I’ve just returned (for a brief trip) to the States and the 16-hour trip around the world has taken the type right out of me. Be assured. I’m doing a…

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a very good question

I don’t watch TV and only a select few make my movie list, but “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” was worth every minute of my time and attention.  

a piss-er

…that I’m so busy closing the semester and preparing the students for an American-reality re-integration, that I haven’t had time to type. But I’ll be heading solo-style to Southern India this week and my fingers…

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Flying Full Circle

Can you hear my soul sighing in joy? For I have just arrived in San Diego. It’s like returning to a past life. (And those that been following my adventures since the good old CollegeClub…

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Let It Snow!

The perpetual pilgrim walks into her first winter (and snow) in over nine years! Is she happy? Do you think? *!!!*


ahhhhh….I have the words to describe…but not the cash to pay for the post. (25 Cents a minute on the lovely island of Roatan, Honduras!) …but scheduled for arrival in the States on December 18th,…

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