upon arrival

“Love At First Sight”


A pre-blog note: Blogger apparently doesn´t work *boo!* in Guatemala. Please give Merc big props for posting my blogs for me. You´re a superstar, Merc.


So YES *you can stop biting your fingernails mom and dad* I´m alive! In fact, I´m BETTER than alive. I fell head over heals in love with Antigua the minute I got off the bus. “Increible!” I mean, really…just LOOK at that volcano! I´ll take more pictures
today and have created an album for all my Antigua
since I won´t be able to post them all here.

Like I´ve said hundreds of times before, my favorite part of traveling is the people I meet along the way. I spent yesterday evening and night chatting it up with FANTASTIC people *pictured below* from all over the world (Germany, Norway, Greece, Canada, The States, y mas). There were enough laughs to leave my stomach muscles sore this morning…and THAT is an ACHE I welcome.

Oh…and I found an internet cafe with a connection FASTER that that at the offices of CollegeClub *shakes head in total disbelief!* BUT in addition to learning a new language, I have to learn and entirely new KEYBOARD. Give me props. You should have seen me
“poking” through the first half of this blog!


I´m off to find myself a school and apartment!


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